A first in wine

‘Mazaé & Kenan’: The 1st wine brand that measures its carbon footprint from vineyards to consumers.

This wine tells you all about itself. Location, origin, harvest dates, grape varieties, vinification…Pure fruit from nature & biodiversity, regenerative soil cultivation, it follows biodynamic principles.
No pesticides (analysis available & made by renowned laboratory – Dubernet).

Mazaé & Kenan, IT’S…
A creation by a ‘citizen traveler’ rooted to the land who has been exploring the world for decades with his two Shanghai-born children (generation Z) combined with close collaboration with winemaking families and trusted partners (local & regional suppliers, farmers & cooperatives…).
A strong focus on preserving nature.
Study the impact on the value chain from vineyards to consumers based on the European PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) scoring method. Innovation with a full carbon foot- print analysis throughout the value chain.
Winemaking and product design consider every detail from production methods (total traceability) in the vineyard and cellar, packaging/eco-design, logistics, distribution.
No concessions on quality for true gustatory pleasure.
Discovering women, men, exceptional places, and beautiful emotions.
Align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals voted by 193 countries within the United Nations in 2015.
Ensure positive perspectives for future generations of winemakers/farmers by building a sustainable model under the constraints of climate change, a new global geopolitical order, evolving societal expectations, challenged distribution & consumption.

Our goal is simple: to humbly do our part, to act concretely by demonstrating that it’s possible to make beautiful, affordable wine that respects nature, engages in sustainable development, encourages environmental and social responsibility, raises awareness, promotes practices to combat climate change, generates meaning, while offering a superior taste experience.

The moderation, at all levels, that we advocate, and responsibility, are not the enemies of pleasure and good times sharing a drink, talking, and laughing at the table with family and friends!

In France: available online or ‘pick up from our cellar’ (Montpellier region).
In EU countries, North America & Asia: we must carefully measure GES inventory assessment linked to logistics and delivery and we are open to work on innovative solutions. Our aim is to work with committed professional & networks who are acting concretely to make a better world and build hope and opportunities for the future. We are especially keen to talk to those in favor of bottle reuse or other recycle packaging (cardboard, bulk, Bag-in-box, Can, wine dispensers,
…) with a low impact on nature.

Visit our website for more information and to discover our commitments. Order on-line in France. Elsewhere, please send us a message, we see together how we can make it in full respect our values. carole.xu@what-if-consulting.com

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